Working together towards your highest quality product and reaching as such our social mission

Solid in Belgium is a small but enthusiastic, driven & dedicated team, working in full and part time roles.





Ø  Analyzing and solving problems, setting strategic objectives, inspiring and guiding people, looking critically at our own operations, having a multi-disciplinary vision, working together, monitoring impact and results, ...

Ø  I like ... action, world improvers, enthusiasm, tolerance, humor, sports in nature, my family, family & friends

Ø  I dislike...injustice, selfishness, lies and intestines, airplanes, traffic aggression

Ø  my favorite quote.........#No time to waste

Ø  You can always wake me up for a surf session at sunrise in clean North Sea waves....




Ø  With great enthusiasm I handle the sales and product development/sourcing. This is at the same time commercially -creative as well as very result oriented in recruiting various clients in order to scale up Solid Crafts Operations. This includes (1) Strategic Planning: putting the right product in the right market/customer, (2) CRM and (3) supervising and thinking along with the production in organisation, sourcing yarns and supply chain.

Ø  I like…. respectful human relationships, Jumpers are for life : not just for Xmas. 

Ø  I dislike… rudeness, but not out of ignorance. For the rest, I find it really hard to think of anything else.

Ø  my favorite quote... Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. (It's never really been decided who exactly said that... Oscar Wilde, but certainly also Winston Churchill.)



Ø  I am guiding clients for Solids Peruvian knitwear workshop – Diamanta - through the production process: from sampling to pricing to production to delivery.

Ø  I like: so many things: vanilla ice-cream, my job, family time, body pump on Wednesdays, yoga on Saturdays, brunch with girlfriends, my cat Mauro, gardening, watching a good movie, wellness weekends, thai food and sushi (not necessarily in this order)

Ø  I dislike: bad drivers

Ø  My favorite quote: hang on tightly, let go lightly

Ø  You can always wake me up for: a date with 30 year old Eddie Vedder. Not, I am a bad sleeper so don’t wake me up at all 😊



Ø  I like: Indian summers, Tony’s chocolonely sea salt & caramel, Jon Snow, campfire (with marshmallows), rainbows, sleeping in freshly washed and ironed sheets.

Ø  I dislike: -dt errors in Dutch, ironing, to fuel up at a petrol station, changing bed sheets, the moment just after eating too much Tony’s chocolonely, removing hair from a shower pit, dentists.

Ø  My favorite quote: I give you 2 from my hero Pippi Longstocking “I’ve never done that before, so I am sure I can do it!” & “A face without freckles is like a sky without stars”

Ø  You can always wake me up for: a trip around the world



Ø  Weaving expert for Solids Indian production workshop Paces Crafts, communication facilitator between B2B client and workshop, plus all around problem solving 😊

Ø  I like: being lucky

Ø  I dislike: injustice

Ø  my favorite quote: Follow your heart, find your art

Ø  You can always wake me up for:  going out to eat a Japanese 'ramen' soup



Ø  Within Solid I'm the link between the social projects abroad and the Belgian organisation. Together with the local social teams, we set out the strategy for each project and determine the course we want to take with which partners and with which methods. My role is to continue to inspire employees within Solid's social projects with new developments within the professional field, all over the world, and to find out what can be an added value for our activities. In addition, I am the HR contact at Solid for the Belgian, Indian and Peruvian employees. The happy people coach! And I put all the volunteers within our organisation on the right track. I also help out behind the scenes with Communication and Fundraising, and ...

Ø  I like:Working for Solid! Really, this job, makes me a happy employee, who can bring small changes in big lives.

Ø  I dislike: Dawdlers…

Ø  My favorite quote: "Why stay in your comfort zone when there's a lot more to do out there." Loesje



Ø  Financieel management for Solid 

Ø  I like to play, think and laugh 

Ø  I dislike routine tasks and dishonesty

Ø  my favorite quote : I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that

Ø  You can always wake me up for:  nothing, just don’t wake me up please!




Ø I am an all round creative and art director, in charge of the brand image, communication and marketing, online and offline. Graphic design, photography, copywriting, e-mailmarketing, concepts, social media, all up my alley.

Ø I like: Composing electronic music, photographing abandoned buildings, art, design, being an anonymous online opinion maker regarding politics.

Ø I dislike: Racism, polarisation, injustice, populists, alt-right, inequality, alpha men, xenophobia, the glass ceiling.

Ø my favorite quote: “The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it” – Chinese proverb

Ø You can always wake me up for: An espresso



Ø I like: good people, good food, tasty drinks, good music, a good laugh, or a combination of all of these.

Ø I dislike: Too many unnecessary words

Ø My favorite quote: “Life is a question and how we live it is our answer.” Gary Keller

Ø You can always wake me up for: If you need me, you can wake me up. Just make it important enough to bear my grumpy morning temper.